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Chapter XI : Shieldless Defenders

Part I : Solitary

"So what would be the best thing to do now?" Senzen asked.

"With the Knave and the Humpty Dumpty already gone, it'd be better if we act wisely," the White King replied as he tapped his chin in thought, "After all, even though I know that the two of them are really strong, it's still quite hard to guess about what they're thinking."

"The Humpty Dumpty have always been like that," the White Queen said with a low voice, as if afraid to sound her own opinion before giving a small sigh as she continued, "It doesn't seem that he'd let anyone know what he's actually thinking."

"The Knave…" the Duchess muttered to himself.
"The Knave seemed to be the same as well… huh?" Senzen asked.
The Duchess didn't answer.
But she nodded.

"Even though I can't agree with how she acted, I do see a point of why the Knave is acting like that," the White King confirmed as he rubbed his chin with one hand, "I'd do the same for my Queen if something like this turned out. No, I'm pretty sure that it'd be what I do in the first place."

"Ki-King…" the White Queen muttered slowly.
"Yes, my Queen?"
"P-Please don't say something like that… it's embarrassing…"

"Just for your information, if you're trying to sound cool now, it wouldn't work," Senzen said with a sigh as he sweat dropped, "Especially remembering the fact that you were trying to do something indecent to the Queen befo-"

"How many times do I have to tell you that it's just a friendly gesture?"
"Something that's almost look like a sexual harassment is a friendly gesture?"
"Well, eh… I can explain that…"

But both Senzen and the White King didn't continue.
As a giggle from the Duchess stopped them midway.
"It's always so lively in this place, isn't it?"

But despite what the Duchess said, Senzen noticed it.
He noticed the somewhat sad smile upon the Duchess' feature.
"Duchess…" he started in a low voice.

"Well then, I'll better be preparing myself as well," the Duchess stated.
"Preparing yourself?" the White King arched an eyebrow.
"I said it, right? That I'm going to help as well in this war?"

And before both the White King and the White Queen could say anything, she turned around – making her way towards the door of the Throne Room and closing it behind her.

At that, the White Queen gazed at the White King questioningly.
The White King himself gave a small sigh.
While Senzen remained silent and said nothing.
"Senzen, I need to discuss something with you," the White King suddenly stated.

Along the hallway, the Duchess kept convincing herself.
As she made her way towards the changing room.
And at the changing room, the Duchess can't help but widening her eyes.
As she found her pet cat already sitting by the table placed inside it.
Grinning in delight as if it's waiting for her to show up.

"I've been waiting for you, Mistress."
"Cheshire Puss…"

Part II : Listen to What She Didn't Say

"Are you sure that you're going to join the war as well, Mistress?"
"Do you doubt me as well, Puss?"

The Cheshire Cat doesn't say anything, but simply grinned.
The Duchess in the other place gave a small weak smile.
Before rubbing the Cheshire Cat's head with one hand.

"I have to do anything I'm capable of, Puss."
"Even if it means ignoring what the Knave said?"
The Duchess paused, before she gazed down.
Her expression is somewhat full of regret.
And she closed her eyes, before giving a small sigh.

The Cheshire Cat doesn't say anything.
As it moves and placing itself upon the Duchess' lap.
Rubbing its head into the Duchess' chin.

The Duchess gave a small giggle, along with a content sigh.
"I can't let her handle everything alone," the Duchess started.
"But you heard her yourself. She doesn't want you to get hurt."
"But I too… don't want her to get hurt."

The Cheshire Cat doesn't say anything.
As it simply grinned wider.
"What do you think would be the best to do, Cheshire Puss?"
"That depends a great deal on what you're willing to achieve, Mistress."

The Duchess simply smiled after hearing the Cheshire Cat's answer.
Before tapping on its head lightly with one hand.
"Please don't confuse me with your riddles, Cheshire Puss."
"But indeed, Mistress, it depends a great deal on what you want to achieve."

The Duchess remained silent as she gave a small smile.
As the Cheshire Cat gazed up at her in thought.
"I want to protect the Knave as well, Cheshire Puss."

The Cheshire Cat didn't answer.
As it simply grinned wider.
And jumped down from the Duchess' lap.
Swishing its tail as it gazed up to her as it sat upon the floor.

"At times, it is indeed important to listen to what someone would say to us, especially if they're worried about our safety," the Cheshire Cat started as it ever so slowly vanished, leaving nothing but a floating grin, "But at other times, it is also important to listen to one's own feeling and listen to what the other people didn't say to us."

"Listening to what the Knave didn't say?"
"Indeed, Mistress."
"But, Cheshire Puss… what would that be?"

The Cheshire Cat didn't answer.
And the floating grin vanished.
Leaving nothing but a voice.
As it spoke, "You already know about it, Mistress. The rest is up to you."

The Duchess widened her eyes the slightest bit.
Before giving a somewhat content sigh.
And placed a hand to her chest.
As she muttered to herself, "Thank you, Cheshire Puss…"

Gazing towards the wardrobe placed at the side of the room, the Duchess then made her way towards it – taking no time to change her clothing along the way. Eventually having herself dressed in military clothing, the Duchess smiled to herself.

And she took a deep breath.
Before gazing towards the window.
And spoke, "Knave, I'm on my way to help you."

Part III : Blood Rain

The Bandersnatch remained silent.
But so does the Queen of Hearts, as she seemed to be half-asleep.
The same could be said towards the Knave and the Humpty Dumpty.
As they seemed to wait for each other to make a move.

"Meeting with the so-called Bandersnatch, this must be my lucky day," the Humpty Dumpty said with a grin, taking no time before preparing himself in an offensive stance as he continued, "With this, it definitely won't be boring."

The Knave in the other place remained silent.
As she prepared herself and her own gunlance as well.
Keeping an eye upon the Queen of Hearts instead of the Bandersnatch itself.

"Well, this might be a little late to ask this…" the voice that's coming from the Bandersnatch caused both the Knave and the Humpty Dumpty to widen their eyes in surprise, "Which one of you is the Knave and which one of you is the Humpty Dumpty? And which of you would like to have me trample upon you first?"

The Knave didn't answer.
But the Humpty Dumpty simply grinned.
As he charged forward.
And swung his blade towards the Bandersnatch.
"I'd like you to have a taste of my blade first then!"

There's a sound of metal colliding against each other.
And the Humpty Dumpty widened his eyes.
While the Bandersnatch remained upon his place.
As the blade doesn't even made a scratch after the collision.

The Bandersnatch seemed to let out what seemed to be a sigh.
Before raising one of his hands.
As he spoke, "Well, I shall trample on you first then."

The Humpty Dumpty widened his eyes.
As the Knave pulled him back by the collar of his suit.
And blocking the Bandersnatch's fist with her lance.
The Bandersnatch tilted its head in confusion.
As it asked, "So you would like me to trample on you first instead of him?"

The Knave didn't answer.
As she gritted her teeth.
And tried to withstand the force of the Bandersnatch's fist.

But eventually she widened her eyes.
As she could sense the Humpty Dumpty standing behind her.
And the air around them getting colder.

"Don't you kidding me…" the Humpty Dumpty started.
And almost immediately, the Knave jumped back.
Enough to let the Bandersnatch crushed the ground instead of her.

"Don't you freakin' kidding me…" the Humpty Dumpty continued.
As the ground around his feet got frozen solid.
And covered in layers of ice.

"Why would you think you could simply trample over me as if I'm some sort of unnecessary bugs?" the Humpty Dumpty gazed at the Bandersnatch as he gritted his teeth, "You think you could do something like that easily?"

The Bandersnatch didn't answer.
As it simply shrugged.
The Humpty Dumpty in turn doesn't say anything.
As a wicked grin made its way towards his lips.

His own blade has been reinforced with ice.
And he put it in an offensive stance.
As he charges forward.
Only to widen his eyes eventually.
As a wave of blood stood between him and the Bandersnatch.

The Humpty Dumpty widened his eyes even more.
As drops of red liquid could be seen falling from the sky.
And the Knave was the one to solve what's happening.
As she muttered, "Blood rain…"

Another figure could be seen approaching.
From behind the Bandersnatch and the Queen of Hearts.
It's a seemingly young figure.
That seemed to be no older than sixteen years old.

With red hair and blood-colored eyes.
With a crown placed upon the top of his head.
And a part of his hair adorning it.
He's also dressed just like a royalty.

A cloak attached to his back.
Victorian suit completed with frilly necktie.
Matching black pants.
Knee-high boots.
Along with a  sword placed by the side of his waist.

"Bandersnatch, you take care of the Humpty Dumpty and make sure that Airia wouldn't get hurt as well," the other figure started, "I'll be facing the Knave."

The Bandersnatch didn't answer.
As it simply nodded.
The Knave in turn narrowed her eyes in caution.
As she muttered, "The Red King…"

"Knave, no… Feisha the White Knight. I'm here to return a little favor."

Bagian kesebelas dari CR In Wonderland. :la:

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All of the characters appearing in the story belongs to their respective owners:
Kashiwagi Senzen (as "Alice") belongs to ~rika998
Ibrahim Al-Fajr (as "The White King") belongs to ~GaoBlueSamezu
Akairo Yukino (as "The White Queen") belongs to ~yasumeyukito
Shadill Halcrow (as "The Humpty Dumpty) belongs to *kucingila
Rina Atherina (as "The Duchess") belongs to *Erkaz
Feisha Noaidea (as "The Knave") belongs to *Reksamurty
Airia Fortineri (as "The Queen of Hearts") belongs to ~Suzakurenzan
Red Bloodslinger (as "The Red King") belongs to ~ardrie123
Olympus (as "The Bandersnatch") belongs to ~quantum-force
NyaNya (as "The Cheshire Cat") belongs to me

Writing style originally belongs to ~Suzakurenzan
Alice's Adventure In Wonderland belongs to Lewis Caroll

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