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Chapter XII :No Shaking Throne

Part I : Head-hittin'

"Knave, no… Feisha the White Knight. I'm here to return a little favor."

The Knave didn't answer.
As she took her own stance.
Preparing herself for any sudden movement from the Red King.
Who's standing right in front of her at the moment.

The Red King doesn't say anything.
As he simply extended one hand to the side.
A wave of blood rose from the blood that's pooling below him.
And the Red King grinned.
As he swung his hand forward, the wave of blood move forward as well.

The Knave widened her eyes the slightest bit.
Taking no time to jump to the side.
Avoiding the wave of blood just in time.
And in turn charges forward towards the Red King.
Thrusting her gunlance towards him at the same time.

But the Red King simply grinned.
As with the former hand he swiped the gunlance away.
And using the other hand he formed a bloody claw from the pool of blood below.
Using it to capture the Knave's body in no time.

The Knave gritted her teeth in pain.
But the Red King simply grinned.
As he gripped the Knave's body a little tighter.
"Do you think you could even match me, Knave?"

The Knave didn't answer.
As in fact she's struggling to free herself.
At that, the Red King simply gave a sigh.
Before narrowing his eyes in disgust.

"Nothing but death awaits for those who oppose me," he started.
"Why… are you doing all this?" the Knave asked in return.
The Red King however didn't answer.
As he simply close his eyes.
And gave a sigh.

"You'll never understand."
"What do you mean?"

"How much you'll go just for the simple sake of protecting someone…"
The Red King paused.
And shook his head.
Before gazing at the Knave again with narrowed eyes.
"You'll never understand it."

The Knave remained silent for a moment.
And suddenly gave a smile despite her situation.
As she answered.
"I think I know what you're trying to say very well."

The Red King didn't answer.
But he widened his eyes in surprise.
As the Knave managed to free herself from the clutch of his bloody claw.

"I have something that I want to protect as well…" the Knave started.
As she landed upon the ground soundly.
Taking no time to prepare her stance.
Her gunlance pointed towards the Red King.
As she continued, "That's why I'm not going to lose."

Part II : Knockdown Monster

The Humpty Dumpty narrowed his eyes.
As he gazed at the Bandersnatch.
And the Queen of Hearts who's sleeping upon the Bandersnatch's shoulder.
Being held by one of the Bandersnatch's hand so she wouldn't fall.

"This is bad. If I'm not careful thing would turn out worse than what I could imagine," the Humpty Dumpty thought, "I usually could simply freeze the air around me if I want to get an advantage but that wouldn't work against the Bandersnatch. Furthermore if I take him head on, it might really end up with him trampling over me."

The Humpty Dumpty remained silent.
But so does the Bandersnatch.
The only thing that could be heard, is the Queen of Hearts' breathing.
Slow, safe, and sound.
As if not even realizing what's happening around her.

There was another moment of silence.
But then the Bandersnatch moved a bit.
Before suddenly charging towards the Humpty Dumpty with full force.
Causing the later to widen his eyes in surprise.
And forming a wall of ice right between the two of them.

Only to widen his eyes right after that.
As the Bandersnatch broke through it with little to no effort.

The Humpty Dumpty then gritted his teeth.
As the Bandersnatch caught him by the throat.
And lifted him up.
Until his feet dangling right above the ground.

The Humpty Dumpty's body trembled.
But the Bandersnatch doesn't say anything.
As it tighten its grip.
Attempting to choke the Humpty Dumpty to death.

Gritting his teeth in anger, the Humpty Dumpty raised his blade.
Swinging it down not towards the Bandersnatch.
But towards the sleeping Queen of Hearts.

Almost instantly the grip loosened.
As the Bandersnatch caught the blade with the other hand.
Having the Bandersnatch's attention shifted, the Humpty Dumpty grinned.
As he kicked the Bandersnatch's chest as a support.
And jumped back to keep a safe distance.

A moment and the Humpty Dumpty gave a small sigh.
Placing his free hand upon his throat.
As he cracked his neck.
And muttered mostly to himself,  "Well, that was close."

The Bandersnatch remained silent.
But so does the Humpty Dumpty.
The two of them took their own stances.
Before both charging forward.

The Humpty Dumpty avoided the Bandersnatch's charge by jumping to the side.
Taking no time before landing himself behind it.
And raised his free hand upward.
As bullets of ice could be seen floating around him.

The Humpty Dumpty took a small sigh.
Before gesturing his hand forward.
Causing a massive barrage of ice projectiles heading towards the Bandersnatch.

The Bandersnatch paused slightly.
Before grabbing the Queen of Hearts upon his shoulder.
Hugging her in front of his chest.
And turned around, shielding her at the same time.

"No matter what you're going to do, it'd eventually be useless to keep defending like that," the Humpty Dumpty said as he keeps sending a massive barrage of ice projectiles towards the Bandersnatch, "Unlike concentrated ice which is weak but heavy, Titanium is hard but fragile. While concentrated ice is capable of withstanding a large amount of attack without being much affected, if Titanium keeps taking the accelerated mass of projectiles, it will eventually chip."

It's just like what the Humpty Dumpty said.
As the back of the Bandersnatch could be seen trembling bit by bit.
And after a certain amount of time, the Humpty Dumpty stopped.

And ever so slowly made his way towards the Bandersnatch.
Stopping when he's near the two of them.
As he gazed at both the Bandersnatch and the Queen of Hearts.

There was a moment of silence.
But the Humpty Dumpty simply grinned.

After a moment, the Humpty Dumpty raised his blade.
Narrowing his eyes as he gazed at the Bandersnatch and the Queen of Hearts.
Before eventually closing it.
And swinging it down as he spoke.
"This is the end."

Part III : Fearless

Noticing the sudden danger, the Red King gritted his teeth.
Before making his way to the side.
Avoiding the Knave's lance just in time.
And jumped towards the Bandersnatch.

Just in time before the Humpty Dumpty swung his blade down.
And the Red King took the blow.

The Humpty Dumpty widened his eyes.
But so does the Red King.
Taking a deep breath, the Red King took several steps back.
As a diagonal wound could be seen adorning his chest right now.

"The Red King…" the Humpty Dumpty started in confusion.
"I won't let you… touch even a strand of her hair…"
The Humpty Dumpty narrowed his eyes.
As the Red King's breathing getting a bit heavier.

The Knave was about to made her move.
But stopped as she noticed the gesture from the Humpty Dumpty.
Which is indirectly telling her not to take any step further.

The Knave narrowed her eyes.
And shook the hesitation from her head.
But as she's about to make her way forward, she can't help but widening her eyes.
As her feet has been frozen.
Preventing her from stepping even further.

"It's useless," the Humpty Dumpty said, "With that kind of wound, it's useless to resist even further. You're just going to hurt yourself even more-"

"Have you forgotten?" the Red King replied with a  small sigh, causing the Humpty Dumpty to widen his eyes a little bit as the wound upon the Red King's chest closing itself little by little, "Controlling something like this is my specialty."

"Well then, I'll just have to take you down and that's it," the Humpty Dumpty said as he raised his blade once again, narrowing his eyes as he gazed at the Red King who's standing right in front of him – remaining silent for a moment before swinging it down as he spoke: "Thank you for the entertainment, the Beheading King. I shall see you in the afterlife."

Only to widen his eyes as the Red King grabbed his blade by his hand.
Holding it like that just before it reached his head.
The Humpty Dumpty gritted his teeth.
And the Red King ignored the pain.

"It's useless… no matter how many times you're going to strike me, I'd never fall. I'm never going to fall…" the Red King as his breaths getting heavier until it's obvious that he's forcing himself to stand straight, "Do you think something like that will take me down easily?!!"

And ever so slowly, the Queen of Hearts opened her eyes.
As she muttered, "Red-Nii…?"

Bagian ke duabelas dari CR In Wonderland. :la:

Gue ga tau mau komentar apa. :iconmingplz:

Eniwei, gue ga mau spoiler dan sebagai nya, jadi tunggu lanjutan nya aja ya! :la:

All of the characters appearing in the story belongs to their respective owners:
Shadill Halcrow (as "The Humpty Dumpty) belongs to *kucingila
Feisha Noaidea (as "The Knave") belongs to *Reksamurty
Airia Fortineri (as "The Queen of Hearts") belongs to ~Suzakurenzan
Red Bloodslinger (as "The Red King") belongs to ~ardrie123
Olympus (as "The Bandersnatch") belongs to ~quantum-force

Writing style originally belongs to ~Suzakurenzan
Alice's Adventure In Wonderland belongs to Lewis Caroll

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